Saturday, April 17, 2010


Wow, so I have so not been good at posting deals lately! Sorry! I hope you have been having fun and success with coupons and deals. I have been wanting to post about this for a little while, but wanted to try it out first, to see if it was indeed a good deal. Well, let me tell you IT IS! Bountiful Baskets is a Food Co-op that was started in Arizona, spread to Utah and now has hit Idaho. How it works is you make a contribution of $15.00 for a basket of food (Usually six vegetable items and six fruit items.) The first time you order there is a $3.00 extra fee, but that is only on your first time. The food is bought in bulk, so you get more food for your money, and the food is way more fresh than what you find in stores, Though some of the fruit still needs a day or two to fully ripen. I got this basket today, and it had

Red Chard
Grape tomatoes

Everything that is pictured cost me just $15.00 plus my $3.00 fee for first time. So worth every penny! If you are interested you go to and there is a spot where they explain how it works. Essentially, you purchase your basket between Monday and Tuesday and then you pick it up on Saturday at the pick-up spot you choose when ordering. There are several spots around Idaho Falls to choose from, I got mine at Sandcreek Middle school. The only catch is that they only have a certain number of baskets to purchase each week, and when they are gone they are gone. The purchase time starts at 7:00 on Monday night, so it is best to get on early and order. Good Luck! It is so worth it.

Friday, March 19, 2010


For those of you who love sports drinks, Smith's has a GREAT price on Powerade this week. It is on sale for $.25! To get this price you need to purchase in sets of 8, and can only buy a max of 120 at a time. You do not have to purchase them in different transactions, the drinks are $.75, but are part of the March to Savings event where if you buy 8 participating products you get $4.00 off instantly at checkout. So they ring up as $.75 each and then you just wait as the computer takes off $4.00 for every eight. 120 powerades comes out to just under $32.00!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I want to pass along a great deal that is happening at Albertson's this week. It will only work until Sunday, so don't wait to long to do your shopping.

Albertson's has some of their post cereal on sale for $1.59 a box (Honey Bunches of Oats; Fruity Pebbles; Honeycomb; Golden Crisp; and Raisen Bran) Well, there is a Catalina that runs from 2/26-3/21 (Sunday)
Where if you buy four boxes you get a $3.00 good on your next shopping trip coupon that will print at checkout;
buy Five or more and you get a $4.00 coupon on your next shopping trip that will print at checkout;

So, you will do best to buy your cereal in groups of five

Buy 5 boxes of cereal = $7.95 plus tax
Get back a $4.00 Catalina
(about $.79 a box when considering the $4.00 coupon)

You can then turn around and do the transaction again only this time

Buy 5 boxes of cereal = 7.95 plus tax
Use the $4.00 catalina = 3.95 plus tax out of pocket cost
get a $4.00 catalina back

If you head on over to A Thrifty Mom she has some scenarios listed using doublers and coupons (which we did not get here in Idaho, but you can order on ebay or other coupon clipping sites)

Just remember that the Catalina only runs through the 21st, so don't wait to long!

Thanks for the information!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Madness Instant Win Game!

If you head on over to at Pinching Your Pennies, there is a list of stores with links that are participating in a March Madness Instant win game. You click on the store of your choice (Kroger, Smith's, Fred Meyer, etc.) It will take you to a page where after you have registered or signed in (I did Smith's and it just had me sign into my Smith's account) You get to play an instant win game. I won free Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs! The coupon gets loaded onto your card to use the next time you shop! You can enter every day through March, but can only win 2 instant prizes, however, everytime after that you can be entered into their Grand Prize drawing.

Thanks Deweyville @ Pinching Your Pennies!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Albertson's Promo Deal

Albertson's has a promo deal running this week where if you buy $20.00 or more of participating General Mills Products you will save $7.00 on your next shopping trip. Usually this kind of promotion is great because the $20.00 is before store and manufacture coupons, thus your out of pocket cost can be lower than the $20.00. Also, you can usually roll the coupon into your next transaction and use the $7.00 to lower your next out of pocket cost.

Well, this time there is some fine print in the Ad that I want to make sure you are aware of. It states that the minimum purchase requirements is after manufacturer and store coupons, and also that there is a limit of one $7.00 coupon offer per customer. So, if your store is following these rules, you will not be able to roll the $7.00 into another transaction and get $7.00 back again, and your total will have to be $20.00 after your coupons have been scanned. :( Hopefully this is not a permanent thing for the store now. However, every store has their own way of following the rules so you may want to ask at yours!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

$100 in coupons from P&G with $50.00 purchase

This deal has been posted all over the Internet, so I am not sure exactly who to give credit to...

If you head over to P&G is offering coupon books with $100 worth of coupons if you purchase $50.00 worth of P&G products between February 1st and April 15, 2010. This says it is before coupons, and there are a lot of deals to be found on P&G products. You just save your receipts (they do not have to be on the same receipt), print out the form, and mail it all in. Then you just have to wait until you receive the coupon book in the mail! This is a great way to build up your coupon supply. P&G has so many brands for household products so make sure to check it out. More than likely you will easily meet the $50.00!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Johnson's Soap Buddies

Smartsource has put out a new coupon for $1.00 / 1 Johnson Baby's product. You can use this coupon on the Johnson's Soap Buddies that are around $1.00 at Target and Walmart and other stores It was the first coupon that came up on the page for me. I have gotten a few of these for my kids and they really like them. The coupon states not on trial size items, and this product is a regular sized item and should work just fine.

There is also a $2.00 / 2 Right Guard coupon on Smartsource as well, that you may want to print. It doesn't exclude size so you can use it to get two free trial size deodorants! Remember, when using coupons you get the best deal if you use it on the smallest size product you can, and when there is not a size restriction you should be able to use it on the trial size product.

And then also there is a coupon for $1.00 / 1 Johnson Shampoo and it does not have a size restriction either, so you can use it to get some free Baby Shampoo in the trial section of many stores. Here These are great for baby gift baskets!

Thanks Hip 2 Save!